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October 29, 2011 - Celebrating 2 years at Tenwek

Please join with us this month as we celebrate completion of our first two years of service at Tenwek Hospital! The return of the purple jacaranda tree blossoms will always remind us of our October 2009 arrival in Kenya. As we have said to some of you recently, at times it feels like it was just yesterday that we arrived here in Kenya and at other times (in a very good way!) it feels like we've been here for a third of our lifetime. Truly, we feel blessed to be here and we are excited to have supporters and friends like you partner with us on this incredible journey.
Jacaranda trees in bloom
Steve & Alene at Tenwek Falls

Celebrating a new CT scanner!
In September, Tenwek Hospital celebrated the answer to many years of prayers with the commissioning of a new CT scanner. This will greatly enhance the quality of medical care that we will be able to deliver at Tenwek and spare patients and families excessive travel expenses and delays in care to obtain CT scan services elsewhere. We have already witnessed the value of the CT scanner in the diagnosis of some brain and abdominal tumors. The Toshiba Company and many other key donors made substantial contributions to help make this possible, but there still is need for some additional funds, so let us know if you are led to contribute to this. Tenwek Hospital was honored to have the Kenya Minister of Medical Services come here to dedicate the CT scanner and he toured the hospital and the Endoscopy Unit. We from the Endoscopy Unit were honored for the rest of the day to have him wear our cap promoting the STEP Study, which evaluates patients for early pre-cancerous esophagus abnormalities.

 Tenwek Hospital's new CT scanner 

Kenyan Minister of Medical Services (on right) in the Endoscopy Unit

Dr. Spriegel & the Minister at the CT scanner

Minister of Med. Services proudly wears the STEP Study cap

Celebrating two new automatic endoscope washers!
 It has taken over one year to complete the remodeling and installation of the two new automatic endoscope washers. As a part of the process we removed a wall, moved sinks, installed a new countertop (heavily reinforced to handle the equipment), installed a ventilation fan to remove chemical fumes, and installed a pump to provide more water pressure. We encountered some hurdles in the process: One part of the scope washer was damaged in shipment from USA and had to be replaced and a new water supply had to be devised to provide cleaner water before the water would even reach the 2-stage water filter system. The Endoscopy Team has been very patient, but was delighted to start successfully using the scope washing equipment in October. We are grateful to the Minntech Company for providing the equipment at a reduced price and we look forward to using the equipment to better serve our patients.
BEFORE: Manual scope cleaning            

DURING: Construction of new reinforced countertops

AFTER: New automatic scope washers are installed!

The Endoscopy team eagerly learns to use the equipment

Celebrating partnership with supporters!
What a joy to celebrate with so many of you in partnership with us! Two prayers have been answered before they were even spoken: 1) a supporter has provided a vehicle for our use during the entire 8 months of our Home Ministry Assignment in 2012 and 2) a different partner has offered us the use of part of their home during the time we are in Colorado. We are so very grateful to them, but also for the many, varied ways that so many of you have partnered with us. Here is an example of some, but not all, of the manner of gifts we have received:
Monetary - monthly, quarterly, annual, one-time, anonymously
Assistance - printing & mailing newsletters, handling financial affairs in USA, handling correspondence in USA, storing belongings in USA, sharing frequent-flyer miles, vehicle use, housing, sending hospital supplies, sewing items
Visiting our parents - in Minnesota and California
Coming to Kenya - bringing supplies, providing medical or mission services
Encouraging us - visits to Kenya, letters, email, phone calls (& Skype), mailed packages.....and most of all PRAYERS OF SUPPORT!

Endoscopy team with scrub caps sewn by Barb Schleiger in USA

We are very grateful for your monetary support. This can be easily arranged online at: www.wgm.org/burgert  and just click on the "Donate" button or by mailing your support to: World Gospel Mission PO Box 948 Marion, IN 46952 [Attn: Burgert Ministry Acct#02273]
Thank you very much!....Asante sana!
Celebrating with missionaries across the globe!
We of World Gospel Mission enthusiastically invite you to join the celebration of blessings on many other mission fields in USA and all around the world by reading the free quarterly WGM publication, "The Call," either online at: www.wgm.org/call or by signing up for a free subscription at the same weblink or by mail: "The Call" World Gospel Mission PO Box 948 Marion, IN 46952

Celebrating answered prayers and prayers yet-to-be answered!
Praises for:
¬ Both of Steve's parents getting the extra nursing care that they need in the same care facility where they have resided.
¬ Family members helping Steve's parents' move out of their independent-living apartment.
¬ Safe travels by our personal vehicle across the border and back to visit the family of chaplain student, Pastor Julius, in Tanzania with the opportunity to enjoy eating fish daily!, which is not readily available at Tenwek.

¬ Many physicians confirming their willingness to provide endoscopy coverage during our Home Ministry Assignment in USA during 2012.
¬ The generous support, encouragement and prayers of partners in our ministry.

Julius and his family in Tanzania 

Pastor Julius with tilapia fish being dried

Prayer requests for:
¬ Safety and peace within Kenya.
¬ Safety for Steve and two other physicians from Tenwek Hospital in their travels to an African cancer conference in Cairo, Egypt from November 28 to December 5th.
¬ Final confirmation of coverage for the remaining gaps in endoscopy physician coverage at Tenwek during 2012.
¬ Smooth transition for the national church, Africa Gospel Church, to assume an increasingly active role in Correctional (Prison) Ministry in Kenya.
¬ Blessings on the four chaplain students in their ongoing studies.
¬ Continued faithful and new support for our missionary service here at Tenwek Hospital.

Thank you for joining in our celebrations! 
We pray that you and your family will enjoy a blessed celebration of Thanksgiving this month.
--Steve & Alene

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