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August 2011 - Coming & Going

Here is the August 2011 newsletter, which can be viewed via our website: and link to the "Prayer Letter." We had some internet access and electricity issues that have delayed this posting on the blog.
"Coming & Going" - August 2011

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord Himself will go ahead of you. He will be with you; He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:8

We watched the storm roll in from our grass-roofed tent at Lake Baringo Island Camp. Lightning, thunder, and gusty winds were threatening to dampen our get-away and our spirits. During this personal retreat, we had been discussing the next few months’ preparation to leave Kenya for 6-months of Home Ministry in the US in early 2012.

Mixed emotions had surfaced: Where would we feel at home? How much will family and friends have changed? Have we done what we could have (or should have) since we arrived in Kenya? Will others take over our tasks with a sense of blessing or resentment in their hearts?

Dejected, we picked up books and binoculars to move inside when we realized that only a few feet behind us was a view of the other side of the island - the sun was shining gloriously on the water, and not a single exotic flower or songbird was being disturbed by the rain and wind battering the opposite side of their little kingdom.

It’s always a matter of perspective. A slight adjustment can mean the difference between discouragement and joy. Instead of being focused on the problems and challenges, we need to look up and remember that the Lord has been with us and will continue ahead of us. Pray for us to maintain a (big “K”) Kingdom-view as we anticipate what’s ahead and trust what has been left behind.

Birds and flowers were not the only colorful companions we had at Lake Baringo. This pretty friend was about 12” long.

Some long-awaited updates...

Final dedication of the Colorado Work Team projects was celebrated on the last Sunday in June at Kalyet Church in Mugango with worship, singing, and blessings over each phase: church office, water tank, generator housing, raingutters, and the beautiful wooden cross sent from the team (and made by a team member) as an expression of continuing fellowship after their return home.

Peter Kipngeno marked one year since he committed his life to Jesus Christ in prison, and has also completed his first term at Kaboson Pastor’s Training College with good reviews from the faculty and eagerness to continue. He is spending his term break helping on the family’s farm and partnering with local pastors in prison ministry.

Prayers are being answered regarding doctors needed to cover Steve’s furlough from Tenwek Hospital during 2012. Several Gastroenterologists have committed to serve for some of the months needing coverage. For anyone interested, please contact

The STEP study on esophageal cancer continues with patient #175 this week. The goal for Steve and his endoscopy team is to screen 300 patients by the end of 2011. The recruiting continues in outlying villages around Tenwek.

Tenwek Chaplaincy College has 4 new students. Alene was teaching Ministry to the Dying and Bereaved last term (May thru July), and will return to courses on Prison Ministry and Aftercare Ministry from Sept thru Nov.)

Bomet Prison Medical Outreach - After weeks of preparations, a team of 38 medical staff and pastors from Tenwek Hospital and Bethesda Church visited the local Bomet Prison for a one-day medical camp, providing treatment and counseling for inmates as well as officers and their families from the prison and Bomet Police departments. We are thankful for the welcome we received from the prison administration, and the opportunity to express the love of Jesus Christ in visible ways to this part of our community.

“When no one was visiting me, I saw the church come.

When I needed soap and tissue, the church came.

Now when we need medicine, the church has come again.

I think that when I am released,

I will have to visit that church.”

-- Shared by Bomet Prison Inmate with Pastor Elijah

Greetings when our team arrived at the prison

Steve improvises an exam table

Dental clinic in one of the tent

Our vehicle functioned as the dispensary staffed by pharmacist, student nurses, and prison nursing officer

Pastors did one-on-one counseling

Teaching sessions on drug and alcohol abuse

Please pray with us:

• For more partners in prayers & finances for our work, and planning for our Home Ministry in US in 2012

• For more physicians to respond to need for Endoscopy coverage at Tenwek while Steve is in US in 2012

• For adjustment for both of Steve’s parents as care needs have increased, as well as for wisdom in decision-making by family members & care-givers

Please thank the Lord with us:

• For comforting visits from dear friends from US

• For those physicians who have volunteered to help with coverage for Steve while we are home

• For God’s faithfulness in caring for Steve’s father after hip fracture & replacement through help of family, friends, and medical staff

• For faithful partners in prayer, service, & finances, including those who give anonymously.

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