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Completing Our Home Ministry Assignment in USA

Completing Our Home Ministry Assignment in the US -- August 2015
As we re-entered our life in the US, we were ready for renewal -
“This I remember, and therefore I have hope: that the LORD’s undeserved favor is never exhausted, and His compassion never fails. On the contrary, they are new every morning. How great is your faithfulness!“ Lamentations 3:21–23

Our times spent outdoors (such as at Yosemite National Park) provided
much-needed refreshment. Vernal Falls were flowing beautifully after a
long, dry-spell, and we saw it as a sign of our own season of renewal and the
Lord’s promise of His inexhaustible favor.

Now on the Big Screen ...Steve & Alene???
Yes, we were appearing nation-wide on screens in many churches,
homes, and other gatherings! A ministry update video with glimpses of
our lives and service in Kenya is now available on You Tube:
Please join us “on the ground in Kenya” by viewing this 6-minute
presentation, then “liking” us and sharing it with others.

On “break” but still working...
Travels have taken us to both coasts and lots of places in-between, to reconnect
with you as we shared what the Lord has been doing in Kenya. It has been our
deep joy to be encouraged by you, as well as to encourage you in your unique
places of service and faith journeys.
Steve was energized by attending the international Digestive Disease Week
meetings in Washington, D.C. He then worked in Colorado for 8 weeks with his
former practice, updating his skills and accreditation with hospitals, as well as
providing time-off relief for partners.

Steve found a “good fit” for his work at the hospitals in Colorado this summer - a
stylish zebra-stripe lead apron - for protection from x-ray, and missing Kenya too

Alene had to keep one foot in Kenya as she helped with logistics
for Pastor Hazel Seavey from Heart of Africa in the US to travel and
work with Correctional Ministry - training 20 women ex-prisoners to
move towards independence for themselves and their families. Alene
has also been reviewing the Ministry budgets and expense reports,
and talking to the chaplains almost every week. Personal studies in
Biblical Hebrew and conversational French filled in other spaces in her

(Left - Pastor Hazel celebrates with the women completing their
training as they start new lives after incarceration (Correctional Ministry
Chaplain Haggai Anusu is seated.)

Please thank the Lord with us:
 • For rich connections with family and friends in USA during our Home Ministry Assignment (HMA)
 • For safety, health, and strength throughout our HMA journeys
 • For generous ministry partners who provided housing, meals, and use of vehicles
 • For sufficient financial support for us to return to Kenya as planned this month
 • For adequate coverage of Endoscopy services at Tenwek by US and Kenyan physicians during Steve’s absence
 • For the celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary!

Please pray with us:
 • For safe travel back to Kenya and a smooth “re-entry” to our lives, relationships, and responsibilities there
 • For the Lord’s grace and strength for staff at Tenwek Hospital, being stretched by manpower shortages, and for Steve as he rejoins the Tenwek Hospital team
 • For additional Kenyan and US physicians to serve as Tenwek consultants, as well as additional Kenyan staff to provide endoscopy and research services
 • For more national Kenyan churches and partners to financially support Correctional Ministry
 • For the two of us to follow through on our renewed commitments for rest and Sabbath each week

The rest of our schedule stateside....
 13 - 19 Fri - Weds    Loveland CO wrapping up for return to Kenya
 16 Sun                       Fellowship Chapel, Greeley CO
 20 - 27 Thurs - Thurs         France for family wedding and visits
 28 Aug - 7 Sep Attending Greece/Turkey Biblical History study tour
 8 Tuesday Leave Istanbul, Turkey to Nairobi, Kenya

We are so grateful for those who continued to support us through this time in the US, and for new partners who committed to help us as we return to Kenya. We know that a lot of tasks are waiting for our return, but we also know that our Kenyan community (missionaries and nationals) will welcome us eagerly. We’ll be very happy to be “back home” in Kenya, and we’ll continue to share...


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World Gospel Mission, 3783 E State Road 18, PO Box 948, Marion IN 46952
(account 02273-Burgert)
We always enjoy the elk at Rocky Mountain National Park

Sharing at First Presbyterian Church in Rochester, MN - Where Steve grew up

Some people mixed up Steve & his brother (Mark) as they visited their dad (Omer) in Rochester, MN

Steve sharing our new ministry YouTube video with Dad & a long-time family friend (Don Scholz)

Sharing at First Presbyterian Church in Spokane, where we worshipped from 1985 to 2000

It was wonderful to re-connect with Kenyan Pastor Philemon Wachara and his family.
He is now serving a congregation in Flagstaff, AZ and we all enjoyed a picnic together near Sedona, AZ.

What a beautiful wedding celebration for our niece Clara and the groom Ludo at the family farm estate in France!
While in France we also were able to visit another niece Becca and her husband Brent in Biarritz, France
We enjoyed a wonderful tour "in the footsteps of Paul" which included time in Ephesus, Turkey

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