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Journeys in Kenya, in USA, and back to Kenya!

Coming & Going - March 2015

 “See what love the Father has for us, that we should be called His children - and so we are!” 1 John 3:1

On a recent visit to a Maasai village (about 2 hours away from Tenwek) we found this aged warrior enfolding one of his beloved grandchildren with evident joy, while maintaining a posture of protection and mentoring the youngster on how to behave with the visitors. It was a soul-warming glimpse of our heavenly Father’s heart. His readiness to embrace us and be near us in times of trouble or confusion is a grace that is portrayed to us through fathers and mothers, grandparents, teachers, coaches, pastors, village elders, and others. In every culture, in every part of the world, the Lord reveals His heart for His children. Jesus came from this Father, and died to give us the legal claim to adoption as the Father’s cherished sons and daughters.
To those who believed in Jesus’ name, He gave the right to become children of God -children not born of natural means, but born of God. (John 1:12-13) Have you claimed YOUR adoption yet?

A little further up the same hill...
Walking with Timothy in 2008
Walking with Timothy in 2015
Looking through some recent photos taken with our Kenyan family, we enjoyed comparing some shots (on the same path) from our earlier years here. It was interesting to note that this dress is still Alene’s favorite for such hikes, and that Timothy (son of Pastor Wesley and Charity) is now 7 years older - and HE is the one carrying the pack, while we have opted for smaller loads. Maybe it shows that we have become more comfortable in our local community, and less burdened by what we thought we needed when we first arrived. Maybe it shows that the Lord still has lots more for us to learn -hills yet to climb. As we finish this term and prepare for our break in the USA, we are happy to report that it remains a joyful journey! We see some progress (mostly in how WE have changed) and we recognize that through the Lord’s grace, with the love and support of our partners, we are just a little further up the same hill, hallelujah. Can’t wait to share some stories and photos with you while we are in the states, but we also can’t wait to return to Kenya. (See our USA schedule below.)

A few more photos...
An unexpected visit to Tenwek Hospital with service by Steve's Mayo Medical School classmate (Class of 1979!!), Dr. Rick Peterson (Cardiac Surgeon), and his wife Julie. It was a delight to share time with them.

Endoscopy Team Building in the Maasai Mara recently after a game drive....Tying the knot of grasped hands... untying as we work together ("Don't give up! Listen to each other!")...celebrating untying the knot!

Strategic Planning Retreat for Correctional Ministry

Chaplains review and categorize their varied Ministry activities

Chaplains pray and brainstorm about future directions for the Ministry    

Carolyn & Michael Visit us in Kenya

It was a blessing and privilege to host Steve's sister Carolyn and her husband Michael for their first visit to Kenya. They jumped right in with our activities and friends ...

Learning how to pick tea with Pastor Wesley
Getting mobbed by the local kids as they explored the Mugango area
Making friends with Twiga ("Giraffe" in Kiswahili)
Making friends with the Maasai villagers

They said their favorite part was meeting our Kenya family - Pastor Wesley, wife Charity, and son Timothy, who hosted us in their home. (Pastor's two daughters were away at boarding school.)

Please thank the Lord with us:
• For the well-appreciated December outreaches to Narok Prison (300 inmates served at the one-day medical clinic) and Bomet Prison (for Christmas fellowship with chai and homemade chapatis)
• For progress in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in the countries of west Africa
• For Kenyans assuming more of the leadership and ministry roles at the hospital, Correctional Ministry, and our other areas of service while we will be on Home Ministry Assignment in the USA
• For the opportunity for Steve to work at the hospitals in Loveland CO and update his practice credentials
• For good health, safe travels, & strength for service
Please pray with us:
• For our current term of service to close well in April, including times for goodbyes
• For additional endoscopists to fill-in the remaining coverage gaps at Tenwek while Steve is in the USA from April to September of 2015
• For good preparations and productive time during our Home Ministry Assignment in the USA from April to September 2015 before returning to Kenya
• For the Lord’s provision for our needs while in the USA - prayer partners, finances, and a vehicle to use while working at the hospitals in Colorado
• For intentional, effective times of refreshment, and discernment about future directions in our service

Hippo Highway... Hippos follow the same path (a "Hippo Highway") night after night as they go many kilometers up out of the river to distant grazing areas.
Here is where our trails will go in the next few months...

Burgert Home Ministry Assignment Schedule (Overview) 2015
Please let us know how we can connect with you while we are in the USA - we are eager to meet with you on one of our stops!
Please contact us directly or call or send an email via WGM Headquarters [765-664-7331 or]
14 Tuesday Fly Nairobi to London
15 Wednesday Transfer through London, to Denver, arr 6:30pm
15-21 Loveland, CO (stay with church friends)
21 Tuesday Fly Denver to Monterey, CA
21-25 Personal break time
25 Saturday Fly Monterey, CA to Mariposa, CA
25-30 Mariposa, CA - Stay with family
30 Thursday Fly Fresno to Seattle
30 to May 7 Seattle area - Stay with family
7 Thursday Fly Seattle to Rochester, MN
7-11 Rochester, MN - Stay at Charter House
11 Monday Fly Rochester to Philadelphia, PA
11-14 Havertown, PA (near Philadelphia) Stay with family
14 Thursday Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. area
16-19 Attending Digestive Disease Week Conference (DDW)
21 Thursday Fly Washington, DC to Charlotte, NC
21-25 Shelby, NC - Stay with church friends
24 Sunday At Shelby Presbyterian Church
25 Monday Fly Charlotte to Denver
25 May - 20 July Loveland, CO for Steve’s hospital work for 8 weeks. Ministry partner visits in Colorado on weekends
TBD - Trip to Spokane WA - Presentation at First Pres Church
21 Tuesday Fly Denver to Indiana
22-31 Marion, IN attending WGM Headquarters Sessions
31 Friday Fly Indianapolis, IN to Denver CO
1 - 18 Loveland, CO - TBD
19 Wednesday Leave Loveland CO to France for family wedding
20 - 28 France
28 Friday Leave France to Athens, Greece
28 Aug - 7 Sep Attending Greece/Turkey Biblical History study tour
8 Tuesday Leave Istanbul, Turkey to Nairobi, Kenya

Sunset in the Maasai Mara

We need and cherish your support in whatever ways you are able.
Contributions Online -
Contributions by mail - World Gospel Mission, 3783 East State Road 18, PO Box 948, Marion IN 46952 (account 02273-Burgert)
Blessings to all from Kenya! May we see you or speak with you very soon!
Steve & Alene Burgert

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