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Pastor Peter's Graduation -- August 2013 Newsletter

 It’s official: “PASTOR PETER” graduates from Pastors College!
Pastor Peter showed a solemn appreciation for all that the Lord has helped him to change and accomplish

What a joy it was to share in the celebration of Peter’s graduation from Kaboson Pastors Training College (KPTC) on July 21st! (About a 1½ hour bumpy drive from Tenwek.) As many of you recall, Peter was incarcerated for nearly 11 years and heard the gospel message presented in the prison by visiting chaplain students. Peter accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior that day on July 15, 2010 shortly before his release from prison in August. Soon after his release, Peter strongly declared his desire to become a pastor. The prayers of many and KPTC’s commitment to mentor Peter helped him successfully complete the 2+ years of pastor training, in spite of never having completed his secondary education. We’ve heard that Peter’s experiences provided a special perspective to the other pastors-in-training. The celebration for 33 graduates brought several thousand guests, including over 50 family and church-member friends for Peter. After the ceremony, we gathered and prayed with Peter and his wife, Naomi, (married last December) for the Lord’s direction toward whatever pastoral or chaplaincy role may be appropriate next. Of course, Peter continues to have a special heart for prison ministry!
**You can look back to our previous blog entry from December 5,  2010 to learn more about Peter's story!**

Ground-breaking Treatment for Pre-cancerous Lesions of the Esophagus

The high incidence of esophageal cancer in this region of Kenya has prompted our research efforts to identify early pre-cancerous lesions. Our recent STEP Study of 300 villagers without swallowing troubles identified 9 subjects with moderate and high-grade squamous cell dysplasia (more aggressive pre-cancerous changes). We treated one patient by tissue removal using a gastroscope in January. In June, the teams from Mayo Clinic - Arizona and National Cancer Institute (NIH in Maryland) joined us in starting pioneer services in Africa with the first protocol treatments of pre-cancerous lesions for 4 patients using BARRX - radio frequency ablation to electrically heat and destroy the abnormal areas. We give thanks for all who assisted us and that all 4 patients have done very well! We also pray that we will be able to identify many more patients who can benefit from such treatment.

Dr. David Fleischer and team help Steve perform the 1st BARRX procedure in all of Africa

First BARRX patient (in the dark jacket) and his wife with the Tenwek Endoscopy Research team

Correctional Ministry within Africa Gospel Church Kenya
Alene continues to work closely with key leaders from the Africa Gospel Church of Kenya to establish a sustainable correctional ministry program for those within the prisons and those recently released. To be honest, at times the process seems to be exceedingly slow and we wonder where the next needed shilling will come from, but we know that diligently addressing each step will give the program a very strong Kenyan foundation, which will serve the Lord and the Kenyan church well into the future. Please join us in prayer for the proper direction for many aspects of the correctional ministry - from good financial practices to development of a Christ-centered, visionary board and a sound constitution.

Can you share your gift? Maybe you have something that you don’t think is valuable - but you could turn it into a blessing for someone. One man with a love for music is refurbishing old guitars and then giving them away to people who need them.
Two of these guitars have been carried to Kenya and are providing music for worship in the prisons! Or maybe you have time to offer someone - accompanying someone to the doctor or grocery shopping, or reading to someone who cannot is a precious offering to someone with that particular need. If you are willing to share from your wallet, your talents, or your time, the Lord will bring someone who needs just what you have. Then watch how He blesses YOU in the process!

 Note to self: Be careful what you pray for... (now we need your help!)

You may already be familiar with what has been called “The Prayer of Jabez”-
Jabez cried out to the God of Israel,
“Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!
Let your hand be with me...” And God granted his request. 
1 Chronicles 4:10

We know that many in the USA and Kenya have been praying such a prayer for us, and we celebrate all the ways the Lord has indeed enlarged our territory!

We are excited to see Steve’s enlarged responsibilities for patient care, teaching, research, and ministry in the Endoscopy Unit. We are trying to keep pace with Alene’s enlarged territory in Correctional Ministry and involvements at the Tenwek International Chaplaincy College.  In serving on several committees for the ministry reorganization, supporting the current prison chaplains and visiting the prisons, Alene often needs to make 2 or 3 trips to Kericho each week (1½ hours away) at a cost of over $90.00 (covering ministry vehicle charges) for each round-trip. We are truly grateful for these enlarged opportunities to serve, but HELP! We must confide to you that our enlarged need for support has collided with a decrease in actual funding during 2013. To continue our mission, we have again needed to withdraw money from our retirement savings.

We are very grateful for all of you who faithfully contribute to our ministry, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. We humbly request you to continue (and consider increasing) your support, or make an additional special contribution. If you are not a regular partner yet, PLEASE - you have a critical part to play in the future of our service in Kenya, if you are willing. Thank you!

Donations online:  [Click the “Donate” arrow for special or recurring donations.]
Mail a check made out to “World Gospel Mission” [memo line: “Burgert ministry-02273”] to this address:
World Gospel Mission, PO Box 948, Marion IN 46952

Brief Personal Trip to the USA- We will be making a pre-planned, personal trip to the USA from August 15th to September 2nd. We will have time with all 4 of our parents and will attend a family wedding in Seattle. Thank you for understanding that we may not be able to connect with you on this visit to USA. FYI, expenses for this trip will be personal, not ministry-funded.

Please thank the Lord with us:

• For our continued good health and strength
• For many miles of safe travels
• For “enlarged territories” for our areas of service
For GI coverage for Steve by a visiting doctor in August while we are in the USA
• For progress in transitioning to an electronic medical record system at Tenwek Hospital

Please pray with us:
• For Pastor Peter’s future direction in serving the Lord
For guidance for Alene’s role in restructuring of  Correctional Ministry within Africa Gospel Church
• For adequate financial support for our mission service
• For GI Endoscopists to cover for Steve in November     
• For successful identification and treatment of patients with pre-cancerous lesions in the esophagus
We are so grateful for your prayers and support. -- Steve & Alene

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