Friday, August 9, 2013

Give us each day our daily bread. May 2013 Newsletter

[Yes, again we give thanks for good internet service this day!!]

Give us each day our daily bread. -- Luke 11:3

Praying for daily bread has more meaning for us now.

Partly because Kenyans don’t really eat bread - they love their cornmeal “ugali” - which is more like stiff mashed potatoes, and some days we just crave a slice of good, whole-grain bread. But more especially because the daily things we use and need can no longer be taken for granted. We have a new expression lately: “Praise the Lord for 3 out of 4!” Our top 4 “breads” these days are electricity, gas, hot water, and internet. Lately (as many of you know, and we’re sorry) we have really been missing our email and internet connections.
Having a combination gas-AND-electrical stove/oven has been a good way around the sporadic shortages of those utilities. And now that we know the secret of running the water in the other sink (to let the air bubbles out of the line) before bathing, we can usually count on a nice hot wake-up shower in the mornings. So, life is good, and God is good, and we recognize the luxury of those 4 as we visit and work with so many Kenyans who have much less.
We have also learned to pray for other daily breads: enough rest, good health, prayer time, and fellowship with friends. And then there is wisdom, compassion, energy, patience, time together as a couple, endurance for the long run, humility enough to ask for help and forgiveness when needed - all have to be apportioned to us on a daily basis. The bread of God’s Word also needs to be savored every morning, so that during the rest of the day “we may know the word that encourages the weary” - especially when the weary is us.
As we share the glimpses of our daily tasks and joys with you, let us thank the Lord together for always receiving far more than our favorite 4, and let’s not forget to honor Him as Father by our asking -and then feasting, sharing, thanking, and asking again tomorrow... He has designed all of our lives this way so that as His beloved children, we must come into His presence again and again to know Him as Abba and receive loving gifts from His hand.
Dear Father, please, please, give us each day our daily breads. Amen.

Steve works with some of his students, who received training in Endoscopy at a hospital in Mombasa, Kenya

Alene stands with other faculty at the graduation program of 3 chaplain students

Snapshots from a great retreat in Malindi with our missionary family

Alene officiated baptism in the ocean for Jamie (with his dad helping) and then everyone gathered around him for prayers on the beach after we came out of the water

We enjoyed a sunset sail with fresh flower garlands and delicious seafood, like grilled shrimp and calamari - so nice!

Correctional Ministry Team had an encouraging 3-day retreat for rest, renewal, and some training sessions. Chaplains, volunteers, and office staff appreciated the time to pray and brainstorm about the future of the ministry, as well as learn new strategies for tracking activities and expenses. Sessions included some training for using computers to prepare their reports and organize case files and photos.

The team trains with computers on retreat  

Pastor Peter’s new wife, mother, sister and nephew visit and bring pumpkins

Emmanuel from Liberia said goodbye to Steve and Dr. White on the day he and his mother were leaving to return home after his successful care and making many new friends at Tenwek. Emmanuel seemed sad to go, but we understand that he ran into the arms of his uncle when they landed at the airport in Liberia. We have heard that he is continuing well at home.

May the Lord bless you and be your comfort, Emmanuel.

Steve’s endoscopy team begins training in electronic medical record systems as Tenwek Hospital prepares for the big change!

Kipsigis weddings start with a procession of women from the groom’s village singing songs of welcome and escorting the car carrying the bride. The bride’s family often hires a bus to bring their friends to the wedding and carry the wedding gifts of furniture on the top of the vehicle.

We enjoyed attending the wedding of a former chaplain student. Robert and his wife Wilter are preparing to be missionaries with Africa Gospel Church one day.

Please thank the Lord with us:

• For Emmanuel’s safe return to Liberia with his mom
• For Kenya’s peaceful elections in March and transition to new leadership in April - HALLELUJAH!
• For a generous grant provided by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy to the research team at Tenwek Hospital
• For safe travels to Malindi on the coast for our retreat

Please pray with us:

• For guidance for Alene in coordinating restructuring of Correctional Ministry within Africa Gospel Church
• For a balanced and sustainable pace for our service
• For Tenwek Hospital’s challenging transition to an electronic medical record system
• For GI Endoscopists to cover for Steve at Tenwek during a few weeks in August and November
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