Friday, July 14, 2017

More Feet to Wash

Alene & Steve follow Jim & Alice Vanderhoof in a celebration for the new Assistant Bishop for Africa Gospel Church.

Steve gives thanks for a safe climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro ("Kili") with a group earlier this year.

View from the top of Kili
Dr. Jeff Hallett has frequently served in the Tenwek Endoscopy Unit and inspired Steve to join his group in climbing Kili.

Endoscopy team retreat and team-building at the Maasai Mara in March    
During the Endoscopy retreat and team-building, Steve encouraged everyone to recognize and use their gifts and talents.
The Endoscopy retreat as well as Earth Day were commemorated with the planting of a tree.
Alene was honored to baptize Madison (daughter of Bob & Andrea Parker) in the Indian Ocean during the WGM Kenya Field Retreat.
Alene helped adorn former WGM Kenya Country Director Alice Vanderhoof with an elaborate necklace retirement gift.

Former WGM Country Director Jim Vanderhoof also received beautiful garments in celebration of his retirement.    

Alene facilitating discussions for expanded partnership between Africa Gospel Church and World Gospel Mission

Steve and Endoscopy Fellow Dr. Emmanuel Kiniga demonstrating endoscopy techniques during a visit by the African Esophageal Cancer Consortium to Tenwek Hospital in May
Rev. Elijah Bii dedicates new Stryker endoscopy gurneys provided by generous donors.
Africa Gospel Church and World Gospel Mission celebrated 50 years of mission outreach by AGC into Maasai areas.
Even on a warm day the Maasai gifted us with their distinctive shukas (blankets).
Dr. Read Vaughan and Steve inspect the remodeling for the new Tenwek Hospital Bomet Annex.­­­­­­­
The Assistant Bishop John Kisotu (left) and Bishop Robert Langat (middle) join Steve with the Dental x-ray machine in the new Tenwek Eye & Dental Center.
New dental chairs and lights for the Tenwek Hospital Eye & Dental Center    
While in Indiana for leadership training, Steve joined Shannon Hawk at WGM Headquarters to inspect Tenwek Hospital container shipments in process.

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