Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter greetings from Kenya!

Christ is risen, He is risen indeed, Hallelujah!

Yes, it's spring and Easter season, but we wanted to share with you the joy we had in December as Correctional Ministry 
blessed about 6,000 inmates at 15 prisons with simple but precious gifts like bread, soap, and toilet tissue. Thanks to all who contributed to this very tangible expression of the love of God.

Tenwek International School of Chaplaincy graduated 10 of its students in February, in a joint exercise with the School of Nursing. Some have joined Correctional Ministry serving in the prisons, and one such alumnus (Richard Nyambane) received special recognition for his ongoing chaplaincy service.

Our newest students to the School of Chaplaincy proudly hold their study Bibles, sponsored by our home church - First United Methodist Church of Loveland, CO. (Front, left to right: Joyce, Cassidy, Wilberforce, and Fenaldo)

The 2016 Conference of Kenya Mission Network of the PCEA (Presbyterian Church of East Africa)
helped Alene learn more about current issues in missions such as Christian/Muslim relations. Rev. Geoffrey Hiuhu from Mombasa shared about his congregation's reconciliation efforts towards Muslim neighbors who had set fire to their church during riots.
We are always refreshed by visits from Read and Suzie Vaughan from Friends of Tenwek - a partner group providing volunteers, funding, and networking. Every year, they jump into medical work and community projects at Tenwek, as well as bring greatly-appreciated encouragement to the missionaries. They joined us on our front porch for a sunny riverside lunch and conversation.

Visiting Endoscopy physicians such as Dr. Kerry King, also bring great relief when they serve with us here at Tenwek. This patient was grateful beyond words to receive a Bible in her mother tongue from Nursing Officer Emmy Ronoh and Dr. King.

Tenwek Hospital now has a recognized Research Department!  
The 3 Kenyans in their new white coats have completed their 2-year Endoscopy/Research Fellowship, and still actively participate in ongoing Endoscopy research projects even though they are now in their 5-year surgical residency programs. Our core team promoting research, left to right: Drs. Sinkeet Ranketi (Fellow 2014-2015), Steve Burgert (Director of Endoscopy Services), Russ White (Chief of Surgery), Justus Lando (Fellow 2012-2013), Mike Mwachiro (Fellow 2010-2011) and Bob Parker (Director of Research Department).

Congrats to Betsy as she completed her Clinical Officer Internship and then became the Endoscopy Research Coordinator
Winnie left her IT internship to join us as the Endoscopy Research Assistant
Dr. Sinkeet and CO Betsy during a research procedure

Endoscopy Tech Ngetich and Steve assisting Dr. Sinkeet
It is a joy to be part of the WGM Kenya Team as pictured here at our December gathering. Alene and Steve appreciate your prayers as they have been asked to serve the team by taking on more leadership and administrative responsibilities.

Happy Easter! We pray that you had a blessed celebration with your families!

Please thank the Lord with us:
  • For safe journeys to many meetings, and for Patrick - an excellent, trustworthy driver now working for us
  • For the hiring of a new Endoscopy Research Coordinator and a new Endoscopy Research Assistant 
  • For increased partnership with Correctional Ministry by local Kenyan churches
  • For ongoing financial support for each of our areas of ministry
Please pray with us:
  • For the Lord's guidance and provision as both Steve and Alene assume additional administrative and leadership responsibilities
  • For visiting Endoscopy physicians to serve at Tenwek Hospital
  • For the future directions for each of the 10 graduating Chaplain students 
  • For refreshment for all at our upcoming WGM Kenya Field Retreat

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