Thursday, September 6, 2012

HARAMBEE! Let's all pull together!

Coming & Going - September 2012
Psalm 121:8
Steve & Alene Burgert Missionaries at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya

Harambee! Let’s all pull together!

The Kenyan culture has taught us alot about working together to look after the needs of others in their community. Much of that is summarized by the Swahili word:“Harambee!” which means, “all pull together!” This expression can be used to encourage everyone in some shared goal, such as pulling a vehicle out of the mud. By oneself such a task is impossible, but with everyone working together the challenge can be met!
“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! “ Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (NIV)
“Harambee” is also frequently used to describe a Kenyan community fund-raiser for such expenses as putting the roof on a church or paying the surgery bill of a neighbor. One villager alone may not be able to shoulder the debt, but the entire village working together can meet the need.
We (Steve and Alene) are calling out: “HARAMBEE!” for you to “all pull together” with us as we strive to meet our needed expenses to be able to return to service in Kenya in October. We cannot do this without many of you partnering and “pulling a section of the rope” with us. We are very grateful to many of you who have already contributed to our mission service and indicated your intentions for ongoing support. “Asante sana!” (“Thank you very much!”) We are thankful for the response within the past 2 months since our last appeal, but we still need further commitments of about $1,800 per month to meet requirements for us to be released. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated, but “sections of the rope” could also look like this: 20 supporters at $50 per month plus 19 supporters at $500 per year could meet this requirement!
Steve looks forward to returning to his work in the Tenwek Hospital Endoscopy Unit with patient care, instruction for Kenyan physicians, research work, and spiritual guidance for patients, their families and his co-workers. Alene is eager to resume her ministry in Kenya with teaching at the Tenwek International Chaplains College and in helping to develop prison/correctional ministry by the national Kenyans.
Thanks for pulling with us! Please let us know of your intentions, and you have our full understanding that circumstances in your life may change in the future. You can call us, drop us a note, email us, or make a one-time or recurring contribution online:
Contributions payable to "World Gospel Mission - Burgert ministry" can be mailed to World Gospel Mission, PO Box 948, Marion, IN 46952. HARAMBEE !

Just like GI Joe??? We were surprised recently to be referred to as “Action Figures” by Pastor Keith Dickerson of Hope Community Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon, as he introduced us to the youth as visiting missionaries. He then challenged everyone to live up to the calling to walk actively in one’s faith, and make a difference in the world around us.
We continue to be amazed by the heroes we meet on our travels - those of you living out your faith in life- changing and community-altering ways. God bless you - even if there’s no action-figure doll with your name on it, we know your names are written in heaven!

We are very grateful for wonderful family times:
Steve’s family gathered in Rochester MN

Alene’s family gathered in Seattle, WA

Home Ministry Assignment Sept. - Oct. 2012
Sep 8-17 in Loveland, CO
Sep 16 - Grace Evangelical Free Church, Longmont, CO
Sep 18-21 in Rochester, MN
Sep 21-Oct 6 in Philadelphia, PA & Maryland - with visits
to Steve’s brother and family
Sep 23 - Grace Chapel, Havertown, PA
Sep 27 - Bethesda, MD - NIH presentation
Oct 3 - Llanerch Presbyterian Church, Havertown, PA
Oct 6-10 in Shelby, NC area
Oct 7 & 10 - Shelby Presbyterian Church
Oct 11-14 in Asheville, NC - medical mission meeting
Oct 15 - 23 in Loveland, CO (final packing)
Oct 21 - First United Methodist Church Send-Off Sunday!
Oct 24 - Depart Denver for Kenya, Lord willing!

Please thank the Lord with us:
• Safety during our thousands of miles of travel within USA
• Inspiration from the lives and service of those we’ve met in our travels
• Blessed times with both of our families
• Health, strength, refreshment and renewal as we have traveled, visited, and taken time-outs
Please pray with us:
• Prompt provision of our required support level to return to Kenya in October
• Guidance for Kenyan chaplains in developing new prison ministry
• Efficient packing for our move back to Kenya
• Appropriate farewells to family and friends in USA
• Smooth, joyful transitions for re-entry into Kenya

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