Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peace in Kenya, House Sale, Trip to Minnesota, Safari

August 15, 2010

We are pleased to share some great news updates and answered prayers even since our recent newsletter:

1) There has been complete peace during Kenya's referendum vote approving a new constitution and now during the two weeks since the voting. We witnessed the turmoil ("the clashes" as they refer to it here) when we were here in early 2008 after the presidential elections in December 2007, so we do not take peace for granted and give thanks to God.

2) We also give huge thanks to God for providing a buyer for our home in Colorado! We signed a contract on August 13th and the closing is planned for September 17th. We will appreciate your continued prayers for all of the closing details to proceed smoothly.

3) Steve will be making a brief visit to Rochester, Minnesota to share time with his parents from September 29th to October 5th. (Alene will stay at Tenwek during Steve's visit.) Steve cashed in some United Airlines frequent flyer miles for the trip and will have new routes with plane changes in Johannesburg, South Africa going and in Istanbul, Turkey on the return trip!

4) We did enjoy a 2-day safari (only a 2-hour drive from Tenwek) last week and were delighted to see so many animals and be refreshed. We need some time to organize our photos before we share them online, but......stay tuned!

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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